Pig roaster with battery 12V


Spit for lambs, pigs, chickens, turkeys, bigger fish and bigger pieces of meat.


Foolproof assembly and dismantling, as well as high quality materials and craftsmanship make this pig roaster a must for any party! The individual grill parts fit perfectly into the practical carry case (included), allowing for easy transportation and storage in even the smallest of spaces! Due to the tripod stands, you will be able to grill even on uneven surfaces without having to worry about lack of stability. The Cardan-joint on the motor allows for optimal operation of the grilling spit in such circumstances as well. The motor has been specially designed for this grill and can handle up to 60kg, as shown by extensive testing under extreme weight loads. Furthermore, the motor has been shown to be extremely quiet, as well as energy efficient.

In addition to suckling pigs, this grill is also ideal for grilling lambs, beef shanks, pig hocks, and much more!

Technical Information:

Pipe, Stands, Fixing Devices, and Power Source:

  • Length of stainless steel spit: ca. 200 cm
  • Diameter of stainless steel pipe: ca. 34×1,5mm
  • Two tripod stands for the spit with continuously adjustable pipe (max. height ca. 50 cm. from ground level)
  • two fork mountings and a u-shaped fixing device for the grill meat.


  • Battery Grillmotor
  • Ca. 5U/min
  • Max. grill load: ca. 60 kg
  • Tension: 12V


  • Lightweight, yet robust!
  • Attractive aluminium finish
  • Dimensions: 76x32x10cm
  • Total weight case with grill: ca. 10.5Kg


Additional information

Weight9.5 kg
Dimensions75 × 32 × 15 cm

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