Chicken roaster


Chicken skewer in a suitcase, with a motor with 2 1.5V batteries, 2-year warranty.

Mobile skewer for chickens in an aluminum case, small in size and with a battery-powered motor. It is characterized by incredible elegance and quality. The complete skewer is made of stainless steel, it is very practical and easy to handle. The skewer tube is made of parts (3x500mm), so that the whole set can fit in an aluminum case measuring 55x15x10cm.

You can roast on this skewer: chickens, turkeys, fish and smaller pieces of meat You can adjust the height on the legs The legs are adaptable to uneven terrain The set contains 4 forks


The set contains:
  • Three – part pipe
  • Legs 2 pcs.
  • Battery powered engine 1 pcs.
  • Forks 4 pcs.
  • Aluminum case 1 pcs.
Engine specification:
  • Engine running on 2 x 1.5V batteries, size “C”
  • Engine dimensions: ø30x240mm
  • Speed 5 rpm/min
  • The suitcase is very light and practical to use
  • Dimensions: 450x150x80mm
  • Total weight of the whole set: 4kg
In case you can’t unscrew the pipe after use, simply tighten one fork on one part of the pipe and tighten the other fork on the other part of the pipe, now you have a much better support and you can unscrew the pipes very easily.
Important !
It is very important that the direction of rotation of the skewer tube is clockwise, so that the parts of the tube do not unscrew when turning. You will prevent this by seeing that the battery poles are facing the right side.

Additional information

Weight5 kg

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