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Which motor should I choose, electric or battery and which is better?
Both motors use the same components (12v motor, planetary gearbox) the only difference is the power supply. If you plan to use the skewer exclusively at home where you have electricity, then your choice is a motor that runs on 220V / 12V due to the slightly lower price. If your needs are such that you would often use the skewer in nature and outside your home, then a battery-powered motor is the right choice for you.
How many kilograms of lamb / pig can I put on a skewer?
The engine and skewer have successfully passed the test even at 68kg, while factory data say the payload is up to 60kg.
Do I get a battery charger with the battery-powered motor, and how long does it take to charge the batteries?
Yes, a battery charger comes with each motor / skewer. The time required to recharge the batteries is approx. 4 hours.
How do I know when the batteries are charged, and how many hours the engine runs on a single battery charge?
During the battery charging process, the indicator light on the charger glows red, when the batteries are full, the light glows green. Single-charge batteries provide 7-8 hours of operation.
What is the battery life and do I need to replace them?
We use exclusively the highest quality Li-ion batteries from Samsung and Panasonic for our engines, their recommendation is to replace the batteries after 4-5 years of use in order to preserve the necessary autonomy for operation.
How much RPM the engine has
The engine speed is optimal at 6 rpm
Do you deliver your products to my country as well?
Yes, we make deliveries to all countries of the world.

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